Cutsforth's Bakery
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We make every effort to keep our bakery a traditional scratch bakery. The recipes we creat are made fresh everyday. We strive to have the highest quality ingredients. Our bakers work around the clock to deliver what you expect from Cutsforth's.

What really goes into making scratch products? Take our donuts for an example, the Bakers arrive at 3:00am in the morning to make our donuts. The donuts are shaped and cooked by hand and ready to eat by 6:00am. So, our donuts, hours ago were raw materials…now they are ready for your fresh breakfast. These are not frozen products like most chain stores. This is the real deal. And only at Cutsforth's.

Baking in a traditional manner means fresh, hand-made quality with fewer preservatives. There is a difference! If you are interested in a fresh morning donut or a wedding cake, we have 100's of items that are made just for you and that you can only find at Cutsforth's Thriftway.

Cakes by Le Marche Bakery

To see the list of items you can only find at Cutsforth's Bakery and other deparments around the store, please visit our Signature page.