Service Desk Hours:

Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

Phone: 503-266-8437

Fax: (503) 266-1625

Cutsforth's Marketplace Thriftway is a grocery store that you will remember. There are only a handful of retail experiences that you can feel good about supporting. At Cutsforth's you are the focus. You can definately trust that you will receive only the highest quality care and service along with the best food in our town. For 80 years Cutsforth's have focused on delivering only the best array of local foods and services. Discover the difference at you neighborhood grocery store...Cutsforth's Marketplace Thriftway.

Not everyone has been in town for 80 years like us. That is why we are here. If you looking for the latest town event, or simply to pay a bill at our local bill center. We are here for you. We offer customer service beyond what you are used to. Come down and see how we can help you in your busy life with the freshest food and the kindness we are known for.

Custforth's "Service Desk" provides services from A-Z including:

Special Requests

Money Orders for 75 cents

Photocopies for 10 cents

Faxes for $2 first page, 50 cents for each additional page

NW Forest Passes for $30

Lottery Tickets

Postage Stamps

Tickets to Local Community Events


The "Service Desk" also provides information for:

Canby Area Transit (CAT) (visit site for schedules )

Canby Chamber of Commerce (visit site)

Cutsforth's Kids Club

Donation Request Forms


Cutsforth's provides FREE Courtesy Carry Outs for your groceries and deliveries for the elderly.

Cutsforth's Employment Opportunities:

- Please fill out an application at the customer service desk and ask for Arnold on Wednesdays.