Cutsforth's Marketplace Thriftway is very proud of our Produce Department and it shows! For years we have delivered only the highest quality local produce to you. We believe that buying local insures the freshest product and also supports the local economy in which we all live. If the choice is available…we choose local for you.

We know that quality and freshness are important to our customers. We give you the freshest options. Our fresh squeezed Orange Juice is just one example of how we deliver the freshest products to you. For example, we squeeze the juice out of fresh oranges. Our machine uses a technique which produces the sweetest flavor possible! Over 20 oranges go into just one 64oz container!

Come discover the difference at Cutsforth's.

  • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice & Grapefruit Juice Daily
  • Cut and Cored Fresh Pineapple
  • Local Honey collected from the area
  • Fresh cut fruit daily
  • Fresh Sqeezed Lemonade (in season)
  • Talarica's local dressings and marinades

If you have any produce related question feel free to call our excellent produce manager Tom at (503) 266-4276.